The resources on this website are based on the NCIG collections. You can find out more about NCIG and its collections at ncig.anu.edu.au.


Conditions of use.

Material in the NCIG resource is made available on the condition that you use it in a way that is consistent with the views and sensitivities of relevant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Deceased persons

Be careful how you look at the photographs on this website. You might see family who have passed away.


There are documents in this resource that are quite old. Some of these documents use words, descriptions and names that reflect the period when they were written and which may not be appropriate today. NCIG makes these documents available as a historical record. NCIG does not, thereby, endorse the use of words, descriptions or names that the documents contain. In describing the NCIG collections we have avoided using scientific terms in common use by researchers that may cause offence to some Indigenous people. In some cases this may result in terminology that is unusual to researchers using the site.

Access conditions

Open access is not provided to records in the NCIG Collection that contain personal information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, except when prior approval has been obtained from relevant individuals, families and communities. This website contains brief summary descriptions of all material in the NCIG collections.

It may be possible to access and use some material for specific purposes if this is in line with the wishes of relevant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, families and communities and with the NCIG Governance and Ethics Framework.

Enquiries about access should be directed to: jcsmr.ncig@anu.edu.au

This website is designed to balance the benefits of making records and data available to Indigenous communities and researchers with the need to protect individual privacy. If you have concerns about the way in which resources on this website are described or made available, please contact us at: jcsmr.ncig@anu.edu.au


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