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Jones, G. L., & Shaw, D. C.
A polymorphic variant of human erythrocyte carbonic anhydrase I with a widespread distribution in Australian aborigines, CAI Australia-9 (8 Asp leads to Gly): purification, properties, amino acid substitution, and possible physiological significance of th
Biochemical Genetics
vol. 20, 1982, pp. 943-977

Carbonic anhydrase I (EC purified from the pooled packed red blood cells of 100 individuals typed as heterozygous for the common Australian Aboriginal carbonic anhydrase I variant CAI Australia-9 had a slightly higher specific CO2 hydratase or esterase (toward p-nitrophenyl acetate) activity than the normal component and a higher Km and Vmax using the esterase substrate. The variant enzyme was slightly more resistant to heat inactivation. The extent of inhibition of both enzymes by the specific inhibitor acetazolamide was identical, as was their immunological behavior and the lability of the active-site zinc ion. The variant enzyme was more resistant to chloride inhibition. The physiological importance of this observation is discussed in the context of a proposed adaptive advantage of the variant gene in the arid western and central regions of Australia. The amino acid substitution in the Aboriginal variant of a glycine for an aspartic acid residue has been located at residue 8 from the N terminus (i.e., 8 Asp leads to Gly), by proteolytic and partial acid hydrolyses. The possible effects of this substitution on the structure and function of the molecule are discussed.

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  • Reprints, 1958 - 1990, PUB-020; National Centre for Indigenous Genomics. Details