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Kamboh, M. I., & Kirk, R. L.
Distribution of transferrin (Tf) subtypes in Asian, Pacific and Australian Aboriginal populations: evidence for the existence of a new subtype TfC6
Human Heredity
vol. 33, 1983, pp. 237-243

Transferrin subtypes have been determined by isoelectric focussing of sera from 3,787 individuals in selected populations in the Asian, Pacific and Australian area. TfC1 and TfC2 were present in all populations studied. TfC3 was found to be polymorphic in a few populations only. The highest frequency of TfC2 was found in the Soliga (34%), an Indian tribal population, and the lowest TfC2 frequency was in Australian Aborigines (3%). In Pacific island populations TfC2 was found to be variable between 4 and 22%. A new subtype allele, TfC6, was observed at polymorphic frequency in Australian Aborigines.