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Chen, L. Z., Easteal, S., Board, P. G., & Kirk, R. L.
Evolution of beta-globin haplotypes in human populations
Molecular Biology and Evolution
vol. 7, 1990, pp. 423-437

The beta-globin haplotypes of 852 chromosomes from 12 populations in the Asia-Pacific region are described. These data are combined with those from other populations in an investigation of the affinities of regional human populations. Both partial maximum-likelihood and distance Wagner methods indicate that Africans are the most divergent group, with the remaining populations branching in the following order: Australian Aborigines, Highland Melanesians, Lowland Melanesians, Indonesians and Micronesians, Polynesians, east Asians, Indians, and Europeans. This pattern of relationship is consistent with that indicated by other data. Analysis of the evolution and distribution of haplotype occurrence provides some limited support for an origin of modern humans in Africa. Otherwise, however, it was not useful in further elucidating the evolutionary history of human populations.


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  • Reprints, 1958 - 1990, PUB-020; National Centre for Indigenous Genomics. Details