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Organistaion NCIG Research Advisory Committee



Members of the Research Advisory Committee provide the NCIG executive with expert advice on specific areas of NCIG's activities to ensure these meet the highest international standards, within the policy framework established by the NCIG Governance Board.
The Research Advisory Committee may provide advice to the Executive about the merits and appropriateness of research projects proposed by applicants wishing to access NCIG Collections, particularly when these are unusual, controversial or otherwise require additional review.
Research Advisory Committee members are appointed by the NCIG Governance Board on advice from the NCIG Director.
The Research Advisory Committee includes experts in areas relevant to the range of research that may be undertaken using NCIG Collections, as well as experts on ethical and legal issues related to Indigenous and genomic research. These areas of research include Indigenous health research, bioinformatics, genomics, human genetics, population genetics, and historical and social science research on archival materials.
In addition there are representatives or nominees of the Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies and the Lowitja Institute

The Research Advisory Committee conducts most business online. Face-to-face meetings will be arranged if required.