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Record of a meeting of Dr Kirk with welfare branch research section staff

Record of a 'meeting of Dr Kirk with welfare branch research section staff- 5th February, 1968'. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the staff's ideas for what could be conveniently examined as part of the International Biological Programme in the Northern Territory. After a discussion with Mr Long, it was suggested that Dr Kirk recommend to the committee that it support an additional staff member for demographic work to be done by the Welfare Branch in connection with the IBP. It was also recommended that a suggestion be made to the Health Department that all health records should be tied in with the Welfare Branch unique identification system. When asked what genetic factors might be studied from blood samples, Dr Kirk referred to: 'differences in serum proteins, in enzyme systems and in placenta systems; 30 different genetically controlled systems; and differences in genetic characters eg. differences between desert and coastal tribes, absence of links as yet between Australian Aboriginals and the Vedoid people of India, and links between Australian Aboriginals and New Guinea peoples.'

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