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Bhatia, K. K., Blake, N. M., & Kirk, R. L.
The frequency of private electrophoretic variants in Australian aborigines and indirect estimates of mutation rate
Americal Journal of Human Genetics
vol. 31, no. 6, 1979, pp. 731-740

The number of "private" electrophoretic variants of enzymes controlled by 25 loci has been used to obtain estimates of mutation rate in Australian Aborigines. Three different methods yield values of 6.11 X 10(-6), 2.78 X 10(-6), and 12.86 X 10(-6)/locus per generation for the total sample of Aborigines. One tribal population of Waljbiri in central Australia gives values of 2.99 X 10(-6) and 2.04 X 10(-6) for two of the methods, the third being unapplicable. The mean mutation rate for the total Aboriginal sample of 7.25 X 10(-6) is very similar to the value obtained by Neel and his colleagues for Amerindians in South America.

PMCID: PMC1686050