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Place Aurukun



Aurukun, on the Archer River, is an Indigenous community in Far North Queensland, Australia situated approximately 100 km south of Weipa and facing west to the Gulf of Carpentaria. The population is made up of people who belong to five distinct tribal groups and the traditional language is Wik Mungkan with a mixture of other dialects.The Shire of Aurukun includes much of the traditional country of the Wik, Wik Way and Kugu people. Aurukun Mission, previously known as the Archer River Mission Station, was established in 1904 for the Presbyterian Church of Australia and managed under the provisions of the Queensland Aborigines Act. For 40 years, it was 'ruled' by the mission's Chief Protector for the Aboriginal Protection Board. On 22 May 1978, the Local Government (Aboriginal Lands) Act came into force and the Shire of Aurukun was made trustee of the land within the boundaries for 50 years. Aurukun and Mornington Shire are the only Aboriginal communities in Queensland which are constituted as local authorities. Aurukun is administered by a shire clerk and an elected Aboriginal Council.

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