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Printed Material
National Centre for Indigenous Genomics
PUB 51-60
Date Range
1968 - 1990

This file contains printed material: listing 'Publications by the Human Genetics Group' from 1968 to 1976; an article, 'Scientist's Viewpoint', The Australian Science Teachers Journal, (1990) 36 (2) :88-94 in which Professor Sue Serjeantson is interviewed; a journal article from Acta Anthropogenetica (1984) 8: 199-207, Placental Enzymes: A Population Genetic Study by N.M. Blake.; a journal article from Man and Culture in Oceania (1987) 3:19-32, 'DNA Polymorphisms in Oceania: A Study of Haplotypes within the Beta-globin and the Albumin-Gc Gene Clusters' by L. Zhong Chen, P.G. Board and R.L. Kirk.; a journal article from Archaeology & Physical Anthropology in Oceania (1990) 3: 238-251, 'Population Genetic Studies in Australian Aborigines of the Northern Territory' by R.L. Kirk, N.M. Blake, L.Y.C. Lai and D.R. Cooke.; a journal article from Proceedings of the Indian Statistical Institute Golden Jubilee International Conference on Human Genetics and Adaptation, (1982) 1:52-63, 'Genetics and Human Evolution' by R.L. Kirk; an abstract from Japanese Journal of Human Genetics (1981) 26 (2):160-161, 'Distribution of apha 1 antitrypsin phenotypes in Asian populations; an article from, Annals of Human Biology (1985) 12:551-562, 'Proceedings of the Society of the Study of Human Biology'; a reprint from Science (1977) 197: 17-25, 'Australia Antigen and the Biology of Hepatitis B' by B.B. Blumberg.

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