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Serjeantson, S.W., Kirk, R.L., Ranford, P., Beauchamp, M.
HLA antigens and non-HLA chromosome 6 markers in Micronesians from Nauru
Tissue Antigens
vol. 22, 1983, pp. 49-58

HLA-A, B, C and DR antigen distributions, together with non-HLA chromosome 6 markers C2, BF, C4A, C4B and GLO, were determined in Micronesians from Nauru. Genetic distance analysis showed the close affinity between Nauruans and Filipinos, while linkage disequilibrium values confirmed some ancestral relationship between Nauru and Melanesia. HLA gene frequencies in Nauruan, Filipino and Spanish populations were used to estimate the proportionate contributions of these groups to the present day Chamorros of Guam as 36% Spanish, 17% Filipino and 47% Micronesian.

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