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Biographical entry Giese, Harry

Director of Social Welfare, Northern Territory Administration, Darwin


In 1953, the Commonwealth Government's policy towards Aboriginal people moved away from protectionism and it was deemed that all Aboriginal people would be subject to the same welfare legislation as everyone else. Hence, the 'Native Affairs Branch' of the Northern Territory administration became the Welfare Branch and the Director of Native Affairs was henceforth, known as the Director of Welfare. The Welfare Branch was concerned with health, housing and education of Aboriginal people, and the first director was Harry Giese. Giese was appointed in July 1954 and held the position until his retirement in 1972.

Archival resources

National Centre for Indigenous Genomics

  • Correspondence, 1966 - 1973, 02B-33; National Centre for Indigenous Genomics. Details
  • Working Notes, 1968, 02B-32; National Centre for Indigenous Genomics. Details